General Member Information

The lodge has 12 bedrooms (16 to 22 m2), each room with two King Single beds (some can be joined to make King bed). Of these we have several family rooms where also a double deck bunks are included. Each bedroom has a vanity unit and small open hanging rack and shelves. Three of the bedrooms have ensuite facility with shower and toilet. Other rooms are serviced by shared toilet and shower facilities.

Lodge Floorplan + Facilities

Two of the bedrooms are on middle level, each with ensuite. 

Upstairs has 10 bedrooms, 1 with full ensuite. The other bedrooms are serviced by 4 separate shower rooms and 4 separate toilets. 

The Caretakers’ accommodation located independently on the ground level.  

There is a common “Disability powder room” in the ground floor entry level section of the lodge and an additional “Powder room” on the middle level. 

The lodge is set up with a new fully zoned 87 m2 commercial Kitchen (separate washing zoned area include commercial sterilising dishwasher, cooking and food preparation areas as well as separate pantry and Fridge areas. In total there are 7 sinks servicing the Kitchen. 

There is a large 3.2-meter server window/bench from the kitchen to the dining room. 

The dining area is an open area (58 m2) adjacent to the kitchen, comprising 6 dining tables. 

The mid-level lounge area (70 m2) currently comprises a variety of seating 

The mid-level also has a media room with a floor area of 36 m2 (about the area of a parking space). It currently has 2 large sofas, large bean bags and a large television.  

The entry door to the lodge is protected by a covered porch.

On the ground floor there is a entry hall, ski storage room, change room with bench seats for boot fitting, leading to a drying room on one side and large locker room on the other side. Leading off the drying room is another boot storage room with heated boot racks. 

The laundry comprises of a Hitachi HWF800X 8kg front load Air Jet Dry washing machine and an 8kg Condenser Drive dryer and laundry sink. 

Winter Accommodation

During your winter stay food is supplied but may not cater for all dietary requirements so please check pantry list if you have any concerns, Members and guests who have requirements outside this are recommended to bring their own suitable substitutes.

The main meal is cooked and kitchen cleaned on a roster system that involves all members and guests. Please check roster for you allocated duties on arrival.

Evening meals are enjoyed together in one sitting that is a significant contributor to our club’s family friendly and all-inclusive culture.

Breakfast, lunch and snacks are to be self-prepared.  

Members & guests are required to bring their own linen, including pillowcase, sheets, quilt cover and towel, however there is now a Linen hire service available to be booked at time of booking accommodation.

Showers are to be left clean after each use, which includes using squeegee to wipe down glass screen and walls and wipe down of excess water

It is expected that all members and guests clean up after themselves in all areas of the lodge, including the kitchen and tables after their breakfast, lunch or snacks. This is also expected in common areas such as lounge, Media Room, ski room etc. Please do not let personal items clutter the common areas.

During Winter the Lodge has caretakers whose role includes cleaning, vacuuming and mopping common areas, food ordering etc

Accommodation rooms are to be cleaned before departure, including vacuum of carpet, clean vanity and shower by each outgoing member or guest , all luggage is to be removed by 10am on day of departure. (Luggage can be stored under the stairs on the bottom level for day of arrival and departure only) Majority of rooms have shared shower facilities which also be cleaned before departure.

Winter rates 2024 (peak season 28/06-31/08)

Members, Senior Members &  Member’s Children 3-17 years incl. $60.00 per night (En Suite rooms $85.00)

Member’s Spouse, Temporary Members & Child guests 3-17 years incl. $85.00 per night (En Suite rooms $110.00)

Associate Members (Guests) incl. temporary membership fee $150.00 per night (En Suite rooms $175.00)

No charge for children 2 years and younger

Winter Rates 2024 (shoulder season 07/06-27/06 and 01/09-07/10)

Members, Senior Members &  Member’s Children 3-17 years incl. $45.00 per night (En Suite rooms $70.00)

Member’s Spouse, Temporary Members & Child guests 3-17 years incl. $70.00 per night (En Suite rooms $95.00)

Associate Members (Guests) incl. temporary membership fee $150.00 per night (En Suite rooms $175.00)

No charge for children 2 years and younger

Linen Hire per stay

Linen hire include sheets, pillowcases, quilt cover and towels.

Bunk, single, king single with top sheet $40.00

Bunk, single, king single with no top sheet $36.00

King bed with top sheet $55.50

King bed with no top sheet $50.00

Casual Linen Hire per stay

Plus $10 to Linen Hire rate (availability not guaranteed if not booked)

Casual Towels only $12

Casual Meals   B/Fast, Lunch $10.00 

Casual Meals   Dinner $25.00 

Summer Accommodation

During your summer stay Members and guests will be required to supply all food and perishables such as Meat, Fruit & Veg, Milk, bread etc but are also welcome to use all food left over in lodge.

Summer Arrival Guide

The door code will be advised by the Booking Officer

During Your Stay

Each Member is responsible to ensure the lodge is fully cleaned before leaving, this includes all kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, lounge media room, hallways.

• Stoves, Ovens and BBQ to be cleaned.
• In addition, as per Covid rules all touch areas must be disinfected as per the Covid policy before leaving
• When Mopping floors please ensure only AGAR solution is used.
• All linen such as tea towels, hand towels used must be washed using washing machines.
• All doors including Bedroom doors must be closed before leaving (fire prevention)
• Hot Water and Heating to be turned off
• Check all windows are closed (including upstairs toilet windows)

Summer rates 2024

Members $25.00

Members spouses $30.00 

Associate members (Guests) $50.00 

Children 3-12 years incl. $20.00

Duty Roster

Pantry List

Room Layout